Ryba’s Fudge

Ryba’s Fudge contributed to the lure and legend by making “Fudge” and “Stone Skipping” synonymous. In the early 1970s Harry Ryba suggested that the Little David Trophy should be accompanied by a year’s supply of fudge. The delectable award has lured many now famed professionals to the sport with the rallying cry “Will Skip for Fudge”, made famous by former world record holder Russ Byars. Ryba generously donated the edible award and offered delivery in two ways, lump-sum of 52 pounds or monthly distributions of four pounds each. His business savy techniques later trickled-down to financial institutions and retirement plan investments where lump-sum distributions have become common practice. Ryba’s Fudge was inducted into the MISSHOF in 2017.

Updated: October 29, 2017 — 5:08 pm
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