Paul W. Smith

Inducted in 2023, Paul W. Smith, award winning broadcaster, has used his 50,000 watt powered microphone at WJR (fittingly “The Great Voice of the Great Lakes”) to enthusiastically support Mackinac Island and Stone Skipping for well over 25 years. “Before meeting Paul in person”, writes Eric Steiner, “we conducted phone interviews. When we eventually met, I knew I had found my broadcasting partner. Receiving a text from Paul W at 4:50 in the morning confirmed that I had found a great friend.” Eric’s beach-front reports to Paul W. Smith on Detroit radio station WJR (760 AM) were a key element of the tournament’s longevity.


That partnership between Paul W. Smith and Eric “The Voice” Steiner culminated in one of the greatest public relations event ever for Mackinac Island Stone Skipping… the broadcast of the 52nd Annual Mackinac Island Tournament in 2020 on ESPN8: The Ocho with Paul W. Smith and Eric Steiner partnering beach side for play-by-play and color commentary.

Updated: July 3, 2023 — 4:15 pm
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