Welcome to the Office of the Registrar for the Mackinac Island Stone Skipping Hall of Fame (MISSHOF). This is where you will find information about our processes and procedures. You will also find the form needed to nominate a candidate for the Hall of Fame.

Candidates must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for enshrinement into the MISSHOF.

  • Competitor - A stone skipper must have competed 5 years and be retired for 2 years before being eligible for enshrinement.
  • Official - An official must be retired for two years or, if still active, have been officiating for 10 years. 
  • Contributor - A person is eligible for enshrinement as a contributor at any time for significant contributions to the sport of Stone Skipping. What constitutes a "significant contribution" shall be determined by the MISSHOF Screening and Honors Committees.
The diagram below depicts the process. Nominations are cast in the month of October. A candidate requires 2 plinks (affirmitive votes) from the 3 member Screening Committee to advance to the Honors Committee. A candidate requires 6 pitty-pats (affirmitive votes) from the Honors Committee to be inducted into the MISSHOF.

Process Overview

Complete details can be found in the documents below.

Guidelines for Nomination and Election into the MISSHOF

This document describes eligibility requirements and the nomination process in detail.

MISSHOF Nomination Form

This is the
used form to nominate a candidate for the MISSHOF. Be sure to read the Guidelines for Nomination before you complete a nomination form. Please note, this form must be completed electronically in Microsoft Word. After you have completed the form, contact the Registrar using the Submit a Nomination section below. The Registrar will contact you with instructions for submitting your completed form.

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